Windows xp professional can't boot after changing boot sectors

By Maurokokkinos
Jan 15, 2011
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  1. Hi, i have windows xp professional and yesterday i realized that i cant login to windows..I was trying to accelerate my startup speed by doing some changes..When i restart my pc i pressed f10 ( i think ) that was the boot menu and i made some changes-mistakes..I login to windows and the window with system.ini boot.ini tabs appearedd and an error.i didnt take it seriously...All were ok until i turned off my pc...I slept and the next day i turned on the pc and it the screen tell an accident has occured select normal start bla bla bla...i choose normal start and a blue screen with some japanese and numbers appeared for 1 second and then pc automatically restarted.i chose then safe start i chose them all and the result is the same.My pc has no virus 100% no malware no errors. Its 99% my mistake. Any advice :( ?

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