Windows Xp Shut Down Problem

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Mar 29, 2008
  1. ok so my computer has become abit weird and i noticed this problem today although this maybe happening for 2 days or so.

    i have windows XP home edition service pack 2 on my laptop

    the problem is "stand by" mode is not working.....i can click it but nothing happens.
    secondly if i click on "turn off" the computer doesnt turn off but goes to stand by mode.
    if i press the power button then it switches on from stand by mode then finally shuts down properly.

    after it shuts down above then when i press the power button again the computer starts as normal.

    the only new thing i have done recently (2days ago) is install a new HP all in one (printer) directly through a USB connection............maybe this has caused the problem??

    any ideas? and how do i fix this so that the stand by works normally and so does shut down.

    thanks so much.
  2. CCT

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    Check your Power Settings in CP.
  3. Bobbye

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    It's also possible that the 'Standby' button isn't enabled on the laptop keyboard. It is a 'double-duty' key with 2 functions- mine has Esc on the top and Standby in blue on the lower part.

    Find the keyboard manual for the laptop and look for the setting for the lower functions. It will probably be a key plus the Fn key.

    To establish whether this is the problem, try going into Standby like this:

    Start> Log Off> Log Off, change the dialog box to Standby> Shut down.

    IF the system goes into standby using this path, then you know it's the keyboard that needs setting.
  4. simran

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    i can access stand by through start --> turn off --> then there is option for standby, turnoff, restart.

    if i click stand by nothing happens.

    i can also access standby through the keyboard, but nothing happens.

    i looked at the power options but nothing there too.

    i realise if kill all the HP processes through the task manager then i can click on standby and it works as well as computer shuts off as normal :S
  5. Bobbye

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    "i can access stand by through start --> turn off --> then there is option for standby, turnoff, restart. if i click stand by nothing happens."

    Are you allowing time to save the setting and shut down? This doesn't happen in a blink.

    You may find this interesting. It's a report on this board of the culprit being the install of a Logitech mouse and keyboard (I realize you have a laptop):

    You mention you have only installed the printer- I don't know how that would interfere, but the easiest way is to uninstall it and see if the standby feature returns.

    One other consideration- if you have any time frame for when this began, do a System Restore to date before. If you've gotten Windows Updates, there's a potential for problem there- they have been known to do strange things to a system.

    Here's an excellent source to troubleshoot Standby problems:

    My laptop goes to "sleep" when I shut the top down, so don't forget to check the Power Options as mentioned.
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