Winlogon.exe problem (again)

By mummyal
Jun 20, 2010
  1. Hi there

    Yes, I'm back again with a problem on hubby's laptop. This started a few weeks ago but I've only just had time to sort it out. After logging in, there'd be a msg pop up box which says something along the lines of "winlogon.exe not found.. please make sure you have typed the correct name etc" - can't remember exactly (shd've written it down).

    Attached are MBAM and DDS attachments. I have tried running GMER twice but it crashed. Can't seem to start the laptop in safe mode either?

    Would appreciate your help again .... or maybe he just needs a new laptop lol.

  2. mummyal

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    Oop, sorry, forgot to include attachments.

    Attached Files:

  3. Bobbye

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    As much trouble as he has had and the fact the Mbam scan showed "backdoors" means that somebody in a remote location could access your PC as if they were sat in front of it, and this poses a number of problems.

    Because there isn't any way of knowing how many malicious files may have been dropped on your hard drive, legitimate files patched or replaced, and if security settings have been lowered to make your PC easier to infect in the future means that the best action at this point would be to back up any important files and then reformatting and reinstalling the operating system.

    Note that if he uses the computer for online banking or shopping that card and login details could have been compromised and you should use another PC to change what you can and monitor any accounts and cards that you have access/used to make sure that nothing is amiss.

    Considering the continued problems, from a security point of view, I advise him to do that. Even if we cleaned it again, there would be the possibility that the system has been accessed and will not be secure.

    This is also advised in the majorgeeks forum for the same problem.
  4. mummyal

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    Hi Bobbye

    Many thanks for your advice. Fortunately, the laptop's just used for surfing and not for online shopping etc, so no passwords have been entered on there (apart from this tech forum lol). Yeah, we have found that the firewall setting keeps being changed to 'allow all' at the beginning when we'd set it to something else.

    I will have to look into how to reinstall XP sometime during the week. Can you perhaps point me in the right direction? I don't think the XP CD came with the laptop. So will also need to look into that... or might just take it to the shop, pay some money and get them to do it for me. But I do like the satisfaction of sorting it out myself though lol.
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