Many issues with 3 month on laptop

I'm sorry if this is in the wrong place - I'd really, really appreciate some help though.

I have a 3 month old Toshiba Satellite. A couple of weeks ago after a Windows Update it went a bit wonky, saying there were corrupt files. I ran sfc/scannow it found some things but couldn't fix them. I did chkdsk and sfc a couple more times after which it said all was okay but the Windows Update Troubleshooter thing still said there were corrupt files and I was getting the odd error and a few warnings in event viewer. Sick of fiddling with the thing I did system refresh - after which all seemed okay for a few days. (during which I chose to not look at event viewer - partly cause I was getting too stressed with it and partly in the hopes that after the refresh then having to install about 25 updates I'd give it some time to.. calm down or something!)

Yesterday - I noticed everything was running rather slow so I rebooted the machine, then everything was running extremely slowly. I checked task manager and it said disk use 100% and RAM use 94% although nothing was running save a webpage and task manager.
I was advised that the Skype app (which came pre-installed on the machine, has never had issues before and I have used all of once) was causing some problems, so I uninstalled that.
I ran Avast anti virus scan, nothing found. I tried to run sfc scan but it said "another servicing or repair operation is currently running. Wait for this to finish then run sfc again." Not a clue what that might have been. I tried a few times, wouldn't run. At this point I gave in for the night.

Today I have ran sfc scan - nothing found. Usage for disk, RAM and CPU are still high although varying a lot. Disk was even down at 0% for a while earlier.
I notice that Google Chrome is in the Task Manager 5 times, I don't think this is normal. I have one window open only. One of the listings is for the Chrome app, which I am not using. Avast is in there twice, once with the logo and once without, I don't know if that means anything.
About 4 times so far today my cursor has frozen for a few seconds.

There are a few errors and warnings in event viewer. I have a copy of this on skydrive and can put a link on here if anyone wants to see it.
In brief the warnings are
ESENT 532 (which viewer says is likely due to hardware problem.... yay....)
ESENT 507 (again, says probably hardware)
Kernel-PnP 219
2x DNS Client Events 1014

The errors are
Service Control Manager 7031 (terminated unexpectedly)
Application Error 1000 (TrustedInstaller.exe)
5x Application Hang 1002 (for wwahost.exe, and LiveComm.exe)
2x DistributedCOM 100010
2x Apps 5973

Those are all the ones since yesterday morning.

Sorry if that's too much info, or not enough! I'd be very grateful for any help - a new laptop shouldn't be this much hassle!! I phoned the Toshiba number as it's under warranty only for the guy to tell me he would have advised me to do anti virus scan, sfc scan, then check task manager - all of which I'd already done and if I wanted more 'in-depth' advice I could sign up for extended warranty for a one-off, easy payment of just £140!!!! Swines.

Thank you very, very much in advance! I can't tell you how grateful I will be if this can get sorted.

If restore to factory settings thing will 'magically' fix everything then just give me the word and I'll do it. I have backed up my files and any apps or programmes installed I don't care enough about to warrant putting up with these issues. Though the OS came preinstalled on the laptop so I don't have it on disc, don't know if I might need it if I do a reset. The OS is Windows 8.1.


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I would suggest that you restore the laptop to it's "like new" settings and re-apply all the Windows updates


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A 3 month old laptop? The first thing I'd of done is contact the place you bought it from. In My Opinion, you might of voided any warranty by now.