Wireless and cable networking failure

By ostilad
May 3, 2008
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    Greetings sensais.i recently installed VIA Rhine network controller driver,Atheros WLAN 1.40 DRIVER and Smart 56K modem driver on a packard bell easynote laptop from the packard bell website.the problem is that the laptop keeps on not finding any wireless network we am near a connection point wen other p.c's pick it up.tried direct cable connection from the broadband anntenna but it just showed on the packets window the number of packets "sent" but zero number of packets "recieved".
    Device manager indicates that the 2 network cards are working and so is the modem.WHAT IS HAPPENING?
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  2. kimsland

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    Try this way:

    Install Wireless connection, Required: USB Flash Drive

    Step 1:

    Run this line in Start - Run field (copy/paste)

    %SystemRoot%\system32\rundll32.exe shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL NetSetup.cpl,@0,WNSW

    Step 2:

    Click <next>

    Step 3:

    "Set up a new wireless network" <next>

    Step 4:

    Create a network name (SSID) usually "company name" <next>

    ("automatically assign a network key")

    (don't tick "use WPA encryption instead of WEP")

    Step 5:

    "Use a USB flash drive" <next>

    Step 6:

    Plug in your USB flash drive
    (may have already been mounted)

    Step 7:

    Click <next>

    Step 8:

    Select your USB drive letter <next>
    (Note: Check drive letter corresponds to your flash drive)
    (Note: These files are created on your flash reader):

    SMRTNTKY (folder)
    (~52kb in size)

    Step 9:

    (Do not click "Next" or "Cancel" Yet)

    Remove the USB flash drive
    Plug it into your wireless access point (wait 30seconds)
    Remove the USB flash drive
    Plug it into each PC to be added to the wireless network
    Remove the USB flash drive
    Plug the flash drive back into the original PC

    Click <next>

    Step 10:

    Click <Finish>
    (Note: tick "remove the files from the flash reader"
    Note: running the wizard again enables adding to your network

    To Create a Network run this line in Start - Run field (copy/paste)

    %SystemRoot%\system32\rundll32.exe shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL NetSetup.cpl
  3. ostilad

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    Reply to wireless & cabletworking failure

    Great sensai,i hav tried to instal the wireless networking using the Start- Run menu but didn't try the cable network.the only difference is the computer i plugged my USB into is a dell with a Wireless USB Adapter.no luck! the easynote is not just picking up any network.the dell desktop is detecting bout 3 wirelless networks.
    i was thinking i have an Unknown device missing a driver could this be somehow connected?i have a RALINK RT2500 WIRELESS CARD and i had a ATHEROS WLAN 1.40 Driver downloaded from the packard bell site.cud the driver be wrong for the wireless card but this would mean that the cable networking would have workd.hELP IS Needed!
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