Wireless laptop connected, but not connected. TWC/Windows XP SP3

By Isis Sphinx
Oct 22, 2012
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  1. Had the worst experience of a lifetime. Was able to access the internet everywhere, even McDonalds. Get Warner Cable internet at home, says connected, but getting the 'this page cannot be displayed,' page. Tried troubleshooting, resetting TCP/IP, going into the internet tools when I could access it at other locations to set the security; downloaded new search engine, mozilla; called cable and sat on phone for 2 hours resetting our modem, walking through the process, with a technician and ended up scheduling for one to come back out to the house; to say the least every tip, I tried it. Cable even came out and tried and could not solve the issue. The desktop and other laptop in our house worked fine. Then I came here and found a post from 4 fricken years ago that worked instantly. I found it on my cell phone, took my computer over a friends who has netgear that I piggy backed off of and set a restore point and downloaded the software. I couldn't wait to get home to test it and WALLAH, it worked immediately, I love you tw0rld. So I posted the remedy again, for anyone who can't access the internet, try this, its an awesome tool!!!!! Don't go calling geeksquad. To think its 2012 and TWC technicians don't even know how to fix this issue!!!!!!!!!!

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    Create a restore point, then install and run the utility found on this link. http://majorgeeks.com/downloadget.php?id=4372&file=15&evp=4578a0d2691013178f302c260093894b

    . This should help.

    tw0rld, Aug 7, 2008 #2
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