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Aug 17, 2009
  1. Working fine thru the wireless laptop. I have the printer plugged into the desktop(usb), and I'd like to unplug it, move it to another room, and still print from both computers. I'm running both computers thru a Linksys Wireless-G, the computer has the ethernet cord plugged into it and the laptop is of course wireless. Whats the next next step to get the desktop printing wirelessly?
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    for any printer connected via USB, the local LAN can access it using simple Print/File Sharing
    regardless of how the systems connect to the router.

    On the system with the printer attached, use the Print & Fax panel to share the printer.

    On every system, set the firewall to allow Print/File Sharing
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    I agree with above post, make sure those settings are turned on and the drivers are installed for that printer and the correct O/S. As long as your computer is connected to the router and printer is being shared from the other computer, you should be able to access it through the Printer and Faxes area or on the Network.
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    If you read the original post

    Sharing a printer is pretty common knowledge but that is not what he was asking for.
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    hml try that again -- reconnecting to the same LAN router gives the same shared resource access, wired or wireless
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    Ohh. right Ok I read it over and I understand. You want to be able to print from Both computers, but neither are hooked up to this printer. You want to connect wirelessly to the printer from both computers.

    Well, first your printer would have to be wireless, then laptops are easy to connect from since they have wireless cards, but your desktop would need to get a wireless card added, then the printer should be hooked up to a computer, configured wirelessly(given an IP and told what to connect to and all that good stuff) then Place it where u want it and try to see it.
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    OK this is really what you need if you want the printer to be totally wireless. The other solution would be to go out and buy a wireless printer but I dont think that is what you want. I happen to own one of these and they work great... I dont use it for what you want. I use it to provide ethernet wired connections and it connects to my LAN via wireless


    I think I got a refurb unit for about $30.
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