Woman customers are less expensive to acquire and spend more on mobile games compared...

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Think you know what the most desirable mobile gamer looks like? Think again.

According to Liftoff’s 2018 Mobile Gaming Apps Report, female app users are less expensive to acquire and engage more compared to males, making the demographics both power users and super-shoppers.

The firm’s data indicates that at $7.51, females cost 20.2 percent less than males to acquire and they have a 26 percent higher conversion rate. Liftoff also found that 16.7 percent of females make an in-app purchase after installation which is a whopping 79 percent higher than for males.

While females may be more lucrative than males, Liftoff is quick to highlight the key differences between the genders and their preferences. Insight consultant DeltaDNA, for example, found that men typically prefer strategy and action games while women tend to lean towards puzzle games. Casino games, however, are near gender neutral.

Looking at individual platforms, we continue to see that iOS is the platform of choice for big spenders. According to recent data published by App Annie, Android users accounted for 70 percent of total downloads in 2017 yet generated only 34 percent of total app consumer spending.

Due to the massive growth of Android as a platform (1.5 million new Android devices are activated daily), Google’s mobile OS will continue to be a worthwhile endeavor for developers to pursue.

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Might want to adjust that headline. I've found women as being VERY expensive to acquire. :p

But I get it. Remember that goofy Facebook game "Farmville?" Every woman I knew - including mature women and even grandmothers - were dumping big bucks into getting all the Farmville accessories they could. In the meantime, most guys I knew completely ignored it, because it wasn't really a "computer game."


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My girlfriend has a Candy Crush addiction. She ends up changing the time on her phone all the time to unlock her game and get more lives. She'll also pesters me constantly with life requests on FB. I remember the first time she paid a dollar to keep going, she cried for hours and was extremely embarrassed by her actions. To make her feel better I showed her my steam profile.

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Literally everyone - except journalists, apparently - knew that women were prime targets for mobile marketing and gaming addiction a good four years ago. Their not as tech-savvy and their much more susceptible to impulse buys.
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