Would you buy this $1,000 Fortnite shirt or $1,200 Far Cry 6 watch?


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WTF?! The huge popularity of video games today means there is a slew of tie-in products available. They can get pretty expensive, as illustrated by a couple of new items: a $1,000 plain white Fortnite shirt; and a $1,200 Far Cry 6 watch.

In the case of the Fortnite shirt, it comes from Spanish luxury fashion house Balenciaga, headquartered in Paris. It partnered with Fortnite to create a line of shirts, jackets, and hats, all of which are brutally expensive.

Balenciaga's Fortnite caps, featuring the game's logo, maker's brand, and writing on the brim, are $395. That's four dollars cheaper than the entry-level Steam Deck. Perhaps you'd like a similarly styled T-shirt for a bargain $495, which is moving into the Xbox Series X/PS5 price range. A hoodie, meanwhile, is $725, about the same as the Samsung Odyssey G7 32-inch Curved—our best 1440p Gaming Monitor@240Hz.

Balenciaga's piece de la resistance is surely the Fortnite Shirt Large Fit. This unassuming plain white top has a small Fortnite logo over the left breast and, like the other items, has the words "Retail Row" in various languages on the back. It costs $995, around the same price as an RTX 3070 on eBay, sadly.

If you're made of money, there's also a $1,290 denim jacket, or, if you really want to show off, a $2,550 "Gamer Denim Jacket." It's not Fortnite-related, but it does have "extr3me" written on the back, making it well worth the money.

Prefer Far Cry to Fortnite? Check out Hamilton's Khaki Field Titanium Far Cry 6 Limited Edition that's "identical in design to the in-game watch gear players can wear in Far Cry 6." The website states it can "greatly improve your defense while sprinting," presumably referring to the game version. The real-life incarnation features a 42mm titanium case, Hamilton's H-130 three-hand movement, 80-hour power reserve, and is water-resistant to 328 feet.

Only 1,983 of these timepieces are being made, and they come with a replacement leather band, a band changing tool, and leather carrying case. Some may balk at the $1,200 price, but these types of watches aren't cheap, and it's still less than the $2,150 Super-Mario-themed Tag Heuer smartwatch that sold out in ten minutes.

Clothing and watches not your thing? Those who prefer more traditional pieces of video game merchandise might be interested in this $1,499 limited edition statue of Lara Croft created by Weta Workshop, famed for its work on The Lord of the Rings movies, among many others. The figure measures 31.5 inches in height and weighs almost 30 pounds.

h/t: PC Gamer

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That shirt looks ugly as hell. even a 40$ fortnite apparel from uniqlo looks much better than that if you're really crazy into fortnite.


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The clothes look very ugly, but the watch seems fine if it really is made with a titanium casing.
Was thinking the same, I would not wear that fortnight stuff even if it was free... though I am an easy sellout if they wanted to -pay- me the value of that "apparel" to wear it.

The Farcry 6 watch is quite nice, though I would have expected a better finished leather band.