Xbox 360 and PC network only allows one or the other online

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Jul 22, 2009
  1. Hello All,

    I am have been reading the boards for a month or so now and have been help a ton, but I came across a problem that I could not find any other threads specifically about, and have had no luck finding a solution elsewhere on the internet.

    I have a BEFSR41 router and have an Xbox 360 and my PC connected to it. I can connect to the internet/Live with either one if the other is off, but whenever the 2nd tries to connect it can not do so. To connect to the internet I had to set the router up for a static IP address as it could not automatically connect and get that or the DNS servers. I did this in the set up page of the router. I also used port triggering under the "Gaming And Applications" tab to trigger and forward ports 50, 80, 88, 3074. DHCP is enabled with a start IP address of

    I had bought this router before and spent hours on tech support with Linksys, Microsoft, and my ISP. Linksys finally came to the conclusion that the router had a defect of some kind that I would need to send it in and get another. After waiting for email instructions on how to do so for a week I boxed it back up and exchanged it at Best Buy for another of the same. It seems that this one is having the same problems, so I doubt calling Linksys will be of any help this time around.

    Please let me know if more information from my end is needed to help diagnose the problem, and along with any help you can provide about this I would also like to hear suggestions for a different router to buy. If problems still persist after people here give suggestions, I want to get away from Linksys all together.

    Thanks a ton for reading and any response that can be given.


    Edit: When the Xbox 360 connection fails, it fails trying to connect to the internet with a DNS failure.
  2. jobeard

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    hm; sounds like the manual config is messed up.

    suggest you use DHCP for both IP and DNS settings on the System.Nic card

    then use IPCONFIG /ALL to see the settings assigned.

    if you must have static IP on the Xbox, copy all but the IP ADDRESS into the
    Xbox settings and then use an IP address like x.x.x.100

    You must be able to have both boxes online at the same time AND
    the system should be able to ping x.x.x.100 as well as

    once that works, the xbox should too
  3. TheLonelyRanger

    TheLonelyRanger TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Alright, I will give that a shot. I am a little unclear on what you meant with some of it so I might be asking for clarification once I get into it and see what all needs to be done.

    Thanks a ton for the help!!

  4. TheLonelyRanger

    TheLonelyRanger TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I tried the above and could not get it to work. Then a tech savvy friend came over and took a shot at it and nothing he tried would work either. Being he is in charge of network upkeep at work, I figured the router just wasnt gonna work. After returning the linksys junk, I got a netgear and started working fine right after I did the port triggering needed for the Xbox 360.

    Thanks for the help, but it looks like I was asking for help on an unsolveable problem.
  5. tlisa93

    tlisa93 TS Rookie

    what do you mean by port triggering for the xbox 360?
  6. ColdPreacher

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    Get rid of setup

    Hello have you tried getting rid of your current static setup? do this by restarting your router, going into the Web UI of it and enabling DHCP. Your router should have an IP address like, The port triggering im not quite sure but i see that it conflicts with the HTTP port that your computer would use and xbox if the port is triggered. Perhaps when it is triggered only that client has control of it.
    So get rid of this port triggering and setup DHCP. Hope this helps write back
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