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May 3, 2010
  1. im a long time xbox use i was wondering if any 1 know if u can be banned for upgrading a a xbox360 hdd and i mean if i pull it apart and i mean put a bigger hdd in the 369 hdd casing
  2. LukeyJB

    LukeyJB TS Rookie Posts: 27

    No, you can't be banned for it. Also the warranty is located on the unit itself not in the components such as the hdd, so you can't void it.
  3. Relic

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    I wouldn't say you're a 100% safe from Microsoft because if you use Live you agreed to using only authorized hardware aka their overpriced stuff. But I highly doubt they could detect a third-party HDD if you stay within the limits (60gb,120gb or 250gb and not 1TB). There are several good guides from a lot of big tech sites out on the web, so I would say you're fairly safe but not guaranteed.
  4. vectorsigma32

    vectorsigma32 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 154

    lol sw3t ill do it then XD
  5. Jabela

    Jabela TS Rookie

    Just be carefull with how you do it so you dont mess up :p
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