Xbox One enters mass production with a 150 MHz CPU speed boost

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Sep 3, 2013
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  1. We're just a couple of months away from the launch of the Xbox One, and Xbox chief marketing officer at Microsoft, Yusuf Mehdi, has revealed that the console has entered full mass production. He also mentioned that final units will...

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  2. I don't like last minute tweaks to hardware, it makes me feel nervous. Then you say hmm did they the new tweaks enough, this could be disastrous!. Last minute tweaks? sigh, sigh.
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  3. Burty117

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    Interesting, either, they've learnt from the 360 that unreliable, hot, loud hardware gets you a severely bad reputation or they simply want a bit more from the hardware to better compete with the PS4. Either way, as long as it doesn't make it loud, this is probably a good move to make, Seems like they're a bit late to start mass production though, I mean they have 2 months to make enough consoles and ship them, no wonder they canceled in several country's.
  4. RROD Any one?
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  5. Scshadow

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    If I was the chief marketing officer for the Xbox One I wouldn't be boasting about post production clock increases. Yeah maybe if you are Sony with pretty decent track records on quality, I'd take that risk. But when almost everyone in the gaming community has known at least several people who have been through more xbox 360s then they can count on a single hand each, I find it in bad taste. That being said, they'd truly be fools if they didn't design their console with tolerance for additional heat. If not for a potential overclock, then at least in anticipation of high ambient temperatures or maybe inefficient cooling because of dust build up. Technologically I just don't see it being a real problem unless we do end up getting a highly inconceivable repeat of the Xbox 360, I just don't like marketing philosophy of boasting about it.
  6. ET3D

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    I imagine that the reason for the upped specs is that the original ones were conservative and AMD and Microsoft now have final hardware and know the real tolerances.
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  7. I feel like the reason is than it wans't powerful enought, I mean, they anounce an increase of like 10%, at most, on the performance.
  8. Oh lordy... I see a catastrophe ahead. What has SONY done to you M$oft?
  9. It's just a PC built around DRM. Like paying someone to smash you in the face with a baseball bat.
  10. Puiu

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    Sony has not yet mentioned anything about clock speeds. I'm sure that if MS can bump them up a bit then Sony can do the same.
    Not sure about the GPU since it's much larger and probably will heat up too much and they don't want to do what MS did with the 360, but the CPU should be fairly cool if what I've read about it is true.
    Low end CPU's do tend to produce less heat and sub 2GHz speeds aren't known to tax the heat sinks too much. (the reason why we are getting close to such speeds on phones and those CPUs don't have fans ^_^ )
  11. Instead of RROD, XBox One users will be greeted with a photo of Steve Ballmer thanking those that bought it for being Microsoft's b**ch.
  12. gingerbill

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    Doesn't the new xbox also have a good amount of super fast cache that the Ps4 doesn't??
  13. McNasty

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    Yeah you learn the hardware two months before public release. This is going to be an EPIC failure.

  14. McNasty

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  15. ET3D

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    How long do you think companies get the hardware before shipping? Far as I know two months before shipping is a normal time for getting a final chip.

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