Xiaomi Mi Max Review: This is the largest phone I've ever used

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Sep 9, 2016
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  1. There are plenty of large phones to choose from these days: the iPhone 7 Plus, the Galaxy Note 7, the OnePlus 3, and many others that feature displays at least 5.5-inches in size, which can make them a bit cumbersome to use in one hand.

    But nothing compares to the Xiaomi Mi Max, a gigantic 6.4-inch smartphone/phablet that dwarfs what most people carry with them. This phone is, quite simply, ridiculously large.

    While this handset's size will suit only a small fraction of phone buyers, there’s actually a lot to like about the hardware inside. For under $250 you’re getting a massive display, a metal body with a fingerprint sensor, a 16-megapixel rear camera, and a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 SoC. The battery inside is just as enormous as the handset, at 4,850 mAh.

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  2. Zenodroid

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  3. Puiu

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    It's a phablet, what did he expect?
  4. joe1946

    joe1946 TS Rookie

    I had the 6.44" Sony Xperia Z Ultra for a year and sold it on ebay because it was just too big. Replaced it with the 5.7" S6 Edge Plus that is just the right size for me.
  5. Sum Guy

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    I have had my share of phones. I have found the sweet spot to be between 4.5 to 5 inches. But most phones that size have crappy specs.

    I got the Zmax pro recently 6.0 inch screen. It is the first phone I have owned that is just too big for my pocket. My previous phone was 5.5 inches and I felt it was on the edge of too big, but tolerable. I still have not found a good solution to carrying it comfortably.

    I miss my dark theme, and this phone does not support dark thanks to 6.01 update. Sealed in battery makes it where when I need a new battery I am screwed. Thats pretty much my only complaints. The specs have been nice for a budget phone. No waiting for anything to load.
  6. GirlDownunder

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    Why such a blathering-on about the fact it isn't for one-handed use? Duh!!!

    It is clearly a two-handed phone & as a person with poor eyesight, who is always after "larger is better", this is VERY attractive to me. I'm sure that of the billions of other consumers on the planet, there will be plenty of others who feel the same.

    Right now, I'm using the 6" Sony C5 & I house it in a billfold/credit card wallet. I always use it two-handed & it doesn't bother me in the least. I use "Okay Google" to voice search most of the time & speech to text most of the time. I use earbuds when speaking on the phone. I love the large screen for looking at photos & web searching. That, is what the reviewer should have done a bit of writing about.

  7. PrimateGod

    PrimateGod TS Rookie

    It's almost as large as my 7 inch dual sim Mediapad X2
  8. GirlDownunder

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    Also, not any decent wallet/billfold cases that I could find for this?

    Here's a gripe: if the makers of these phones are going to keep dropping their phone models in favour of another, every six months, the least they could do is include a pair of cases with them. If I'm paying $5-10, retail, for the cases-- they ought to be able to do a pair for about $5, per phone, in bulk.
  9. Bob Low

    Bob Low TS Rookie

    For those unfamiliar with the features of MIUI, Xiaomi's highly enhanced Android distro (such as this reviewer it seems), there is a one-handed operations mode that can be triggered by swiping across the three capacitive buttons... left to right for right-handed operations, and right to left for left-handed operations. This shrinks the screen down to a user-definable mini-screen size which you can then easily operate with one hand. When you are done, a tap on the surrounding black area returns the screen to its full glory.

    IMHO complaining about the size of a phablet is a bit senseless; it's just a matter of choice.
  10. GirlDownunder

    GirlDownunder TS Enthusiast Posts: 74   +21

    Exactly! Sony's have that, too- I find it annoying when I accidentally trigger it because, as I said, I use it two-handed-- because it's a large phone.

    Gripe #2: Any time a reviewer of a larger than 5" mobile complains that the phone, "can't fit in a pocket"-- as if EVERYONE on the planet puts their bloody phones in their pockets (or, that we all have the exact same-sized pocket?)! Stop saying that- please!

    I see too many of these sorts of reviews out there & it's just lazy-writing. Imagine an article on the VW Bug going on about how little room there is in it, or a Hummer article complaining on & on about how fuel-inefficient it is? Good grief....
  11. OcelotRex

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  12. roebling

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    Excellent, complete, meticulous, thorough, well written, well illustrated, comprehensive. Damn, what a stunningly great review!
  13. Omar Eltahan

    Omar Eltahan TS Rookie

    My first android gadget was galaxy note, followed by galaxy note 4. They were 5.3" and 5.7" Respectively ...

    And guess what, I figured it my self that the word "phablet" = big phone which needs two hands to operate.

    Since 2010 uptill now, I don't complaint about size and unconsciously use both hands with every phone I find in my hands.

    When you use a phablet you must know you have to giving up on somethings and you should get used to it, then it became normal.

    From my perspective as a phablet user for 6 years, I was very irritated with.Continuous complaints from reviewer towards size, size should be a point to be mentioned, not a headache nearly in every paragraph.

    My impression was as it's the first time ever to him to review a big phone so he's shocked deeply.

    Criticizing display, software, camera, LTE bands and non QC 3.0 charger was Apposit. And professional, but mentioning size that much ruined Referentiality.

    Note for reviewer: size in phablets is a point, not a topic.
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