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By SledgeProne
Jan 5, 2014
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  1. The most frequently preferred methods I have for viewing files in folders are alphabetically, and order of addition or "date created", respectively.
    While the former has always been a standard option whenever attempting to set a folder's preference to "Arrange Icons by" , Date Created by default is never among the options, and instead must be continually added through the "choose details" option.

    I've tried setting this repeatedly through the Control Panel's Folder Options, but it never seems to take, and/or remain a simple default option, among those intially provided whenever right- clicking in any folder to arrange. What gives?

    Additionally, I've used the "modified" option, and found it rather handy, but applicable only for a single use, as it continues to modify the views. If a new file is again added to the folder, finding it through the modify view becomes a shell game.
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    Replying from memory - There are a huge range of additional properties available per file, and you can see these in folder options as you found. But it's all an illusion, as they require versions of file structure beyond the NTFS version that XP understands. You need advanced servers, and the maintenance overhead is enormous, so much so that the options were available in XP but never implemented, and are not implemented by default in any later windows version either. Even date created is not maintained quite as you expect I suspect. So you are out of luck.

    Similar https://www.techspot.com/community/topics/getting-original-file-timestamps-and-dates-back.167350/ and others at the right-hand side. See the 'Similar topics' panel
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