XP Home won't install updates

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Jul 9, 2010
  1. LookinAround

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    Yep! Sounds good to me :approve:

    Couple minor points
    > Unless you need it read/write, may as well mount the TIB archive read only
    > Fromating the SATA partition won't hurt, but am pretty sure (tho not 100%) that Acronis will take care of restoring the entire image onto the partition space so i don't think is needed.. but can't hurt
    > just fyi... I don't how large the IDE HD is but if there's enough space you can also copy the TIB file of the pristine XP install and move it to the IDE HD (so you have a copy on separate disk media too can be convenient
    It's mostly for "good housekeeping" i think. Can help down the road to avoid confusion between Acronis and Windows as more drive letters get assigned/unassigned down the road for other reasons (e.g. you plug in a USB drive)

    I think yes and no.
    > If you're using a tool to extract the stuff AND that tool allows you to point it to a drive letter (i.e. the tool doesn't assume it must extract from the active partition) then you can use a tool to extract it (assuming, of course, you know a tool to extract the settings you want)

    You might also want to do a virus scan at point it to the drive letter

    Not sure what you mean by this... Or if you're referring to the Acronis Backup Application State i must admit i never tried that option. But running it and save the TIB on the IDE HD certainly can't hurt if it has the space

    And finally.. Glad to help. We all try to learn from each other. :)

    I hope you can get your friend's computer nice and healthy again!
  2. Poppa Bear

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    Almost there

    Yes, you're absolutely right. Acronis warns you before restoring a partition that all information on the destination partition will be lost.

    There is an option in Acronis to "Manage a Task". This is for purposes of backing up individual files, folders or muliple folders, as .tib images, and the data on each .tib file is progressively updated either manually or automatically at a predetermined time interval. It can be incremental backup or full backup from time of original creation of the file. Sorry! I didn't show the full pathway to this Acronis option which is:

    Backup and Restore > Manage Tasks > Create a new task > Use Wizard to choose type of files to be backed up, destination storage location, and how the files should be updated; eg manually, once a week, etc.

    Among other options, the wizard also asks you to select the backup type you want from one of the following:
    • My Computer
    • My Data
    • My Application Settings
    • My Email
    Regardless of where you store the .tib file, it can be used to restore the data to it's original location, by running Acronis > Backup & Restore.

    On further investigation I found that the general Backup & Restore can do everhthing this option does. The Task Manager is really only used to edit how the data in the file is updated time wise, and whether it's an incremental or full update from time of creation.

    I would like to once again thank everybody involved in providing help in this thread, and in particular, an especial thanks to LookinAround for your patience and perseverance! :grinthumb

    I'll advise the outcome in due course. Cheers PB :wave:
  3. Poppa Bear

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    Mission Accomplished

    I'm happy to report :D, thanks to all the support from various members, and to LookinAround in particular, that the mission has been successfully accomplished! Cheers! :grinthumb

    For the record:

    • It was not possible to create an Acronis Image of the exisiting corrupt OS, on the old IDE HD as it was too small. So I bought a 500GB external HD and created it there. It took almost 5 hours to create, and the final compressed image was 97GB. However, it allowed all personal data, emails, etc to be restored to the new installation.

    • The only glitch in the new pristine installation was a problem in Internet Explorer 8. When "Delete Browsing History" was run, it would run continuosly, and would not respond to the "Cancel" or "Shut Down" commands. It could only be stopped by using the Task Manager.
    I researched it via Google, and tried the following suggested solutions without success:

    • Internet Options --> Advanced --> Reset Internet Explorer Settings --> Close/restart IE. Ditto for: Restore advanced settings, (to default).

    • Start Menu --> All Progams --> Accessories --> System Tools --> Click: Internet Explorer (no add ons)

    • Uninstalled IE8 and reverted to IE 7.

    • Reinstalled IE8 and installed the latest updates.
    As a work around, when using "Clearing Browsing History" in IE8, I unticked the "History" option, and simply used the StevenGould freeware program Clean-up to remove browsing history.

    Re request from LookinAround:
    These are the details of my friend's PC.

    • The computer was assembled by a local computer shop, Arrow Computers, in Perth, West Australia.
    • Mother Board: ASUS P5LD2 SE
    • CPU: Intel Core (TM)2 6300 1.86GHZ
    • IDE Hard Drive: 75GB This was installed when machine was originally purchased in 2003. Interesting to note that the original Intel hyper threading mobo was fried due to a solid mat of dust building up on the fan over the CPU.
    • SATA Hard Drive: 500GB
    • Graphics Card: ATI (not sure of model No.)
    • Two Pioneer DVD R/RW burners.
    This is a great forum, and I'm a really appreciative member.

    Cheers, PB :wave:
  4. LookinAround

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    Well done and Congratualions!! :grinthumb

    And good job! at figuring out a work around for that IE8 problem you documented :approve: (and thanks for posting about it. Learned something new as well from the notes in your post :) )

    p.s. I also appreciate all the time you must take in creating all your enumerated and well formatted posts!
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