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XP keeps freezing up on me

By karenborden ยท 4 replies
Dec 27, 2009
  1. Help, i just had the power supply go out on me, and had it replaced about 2 weeks ago, about 4 days ago my computer started freezing up on me, nothing works when that happens. i read back on some logs and it said to go to they system log which i did, problem is i dont know what the heck i am looking at??? help someone suggested my windows was corrupt.. but sometimes it will work for a couple hours before it freezes. if i open up 3 or more sites it freezes immediately.... can anyone give me some suggestions?? pls.....
  2. coldfire1984

    coldfire1984 TS Rookie

    Well,as you said, you changed your PSU. It could be faulty one.So,play your warranty and try to get another one.Did you got PSU powerfull enough for your PC? What was the power of the old one and what is for of the new one?
    If that's not a problem, I would also check the memory.
    Try to leave only one RAM stick (if several) and see if it helps.
    Please answer this questions and we will see for later.
  3. captaincranky

    captaincranky TechSpot Addict Posts: 12,541   +2,326

    Welcome to Techspot karenborden.

    Please reopen this thread in either, "Windows OS" or "General Hardware", based on these two conclusions; 1. your replacement PSU could be defective or not hooked up correctly, and 2. Windows could be corrupt.

    The "system viewer" (actually "event viewer") to which you refer, ( file path > control panel >performance and maintenance> administrative tools > event viewer , will have big red balls next to a serious system error such as "hanging app". Generally, you should ignore the rest of the entries and focus on these if present.

    Hopefully we'll get more details from you in the appropriate forum.
  4. karenborden

    karenborden TS Rookie Topic Starter

    To coldfire 1984 and Captian Cranky,
    The PSU i took out was a 600 watt that my x used for gamihng, we are no longer together i use the computer for homework, and the kids use it to d/l music. The PSU i put in was a 300. Its fine nothing wrong with it. The computer itself is almost 5 yrs old. A few things have been replaced. It has 2 - 1 gig sticks in it. i took one out and used it and it did the same thing, so i put it back...kids have limewire on it, but havent really used it much in the couple months. Mainly they use my space and i use it for my homework. if anyone has anymore suggestions, money is tight, i am a single mother of three teenagers, please help me.... Thanks
  5. coldfire1984

    coldfire1984 TS Rookie

    Well Karen,
    1. The PSU you have now is much less powerfull, might be a problem,especially ig that PC was gaming and has powerfull graphic card. PSUs are usually cheap, but never buy the cheapest one. I think 50USD should be a price for cheap but OK PSU.
    2. Limewire is known to bring viruses along the other things.I removed it many years ago because that reason.
    3. Did you try both RAM sticks alone or just one?
    4. Can you send as the list of components? You can do right-click on My Computer icon, choose "Manage" optin and then in the new window that will open go to "Device Manager".That will shos you the list of components. f you click on "plus" sign ot will open the list.
    Write down for CPU,graphic card,hard disks.
    And let us know.
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