XP Pro Administrator issue - calling Administrator "Administrator"

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Feb 19, 2009
  1. Hi everyone,

    I've been on the go now for 3 days and am fit to throw a wobbly. In brief: my 188 page website was done in NetObjects Fusion, backed it up and formatted the H/D. I duly reinstalled the program, making sure to avoid the latest update as it previously didn't have it. Put everything back in it's place off the backup disk ... and disaster.

    None of the picture files can be found, because the program is looking for 'Documents and settings\ Administrator'. No matter what I do, all I can get as a user is either my name, or 'Owner'. For the love of God, is there any way around this?

    I seem to remember machines booting to 'Administrator' before ... as in Administrator actually called 'Administrator'. When I try to do renaming in Control Panel, XP tells me the account already exists ( even though it is not titled that ) and I can't rename.

    It's driving me nuts!

    Thanks in advance,

  2. kimsland

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  3. ahal

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    Many thanks :)

    Thanks so much ... you have no idea how much I appreciate it! I just have to get over one more MS mystery now ... the i386 error on the Pro upgrade ( I'm reinstalling - again ). I always get that error, and strangely just plugging out the computer for a while seems to make it start off from where it was at without the error.

    Much appreciate your help.


  4. kimsland

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    Who knows what you may have done to the Windows system files :D
    Here's an excellent way to help make sure all system files are intact though

    Start->Run-> sfc /scannow (note there is a space after sfc)
    You may need your Windows CD whilst it does its lengthy checking, but no files (ie your data) will be hurt whatsoever, during the scan
  5. ahal

    ahal TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 54

    Cheers man, can't thank you enough :)
  6. kimsland

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    Hmm not sure if that means it's all working now
    Or that you're happy just to get some good suggestions

    Either way thanks for the update :grinthumb
  7. ahal

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    No, it's great to go for no idea to something to try, and so far looking reasonably positive. I tried powertoys and it worked a treat, so I wrote a text file and saved it after logging on as administrator. Unfortunately when I right - clicked properties, it was called 'Administrator\Tony'.

    I either need to get rid of my name, or Fusion is abbreviating the reference in assets view and my name doesn't matter. I doubt it though, as I'm looking at the list of files in expanded view.

    Still experimenting ... looking hopeful though! :)
  8. kimsland

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    Or give Tony full Administrator rights on whatever folder you're working from
    Now the "Security" tab, I'm talking about to allow this (in any folder -> click on Tools-> properties-> then "Security tab") is likely missing :( as per default Windows XP Home, only accessed in Safe Mode)

    But there is a tweak to put the security tab in Normal mode too, I've referenced it here somewhere on TechSpot, just search my name, and the words security tab, it's bound to come up somewhere. ;)


    I couldn't resist :) Here it is: https://www.techspot.com/vb/post679045-19.html
  9. ahal

    ahal TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 54

    Thanks Kimsland, just awaiting XP - SP2 to finish installing ( never? ) and then on to SP3, then windowsupdate, then we're in business. I'm running it all on a 6 gig drive so it should be fun! ( I bought a 500 gig as IDE, but when it arrived it turned out to be SATA so I'm waiting on an adaptor ... I don't seem to have huge luck lately! )

    Many thanks,

  10. kimsland

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    I wouldn't get an adapter. I'd replace the drive for an ATA one (ie not SATA, in your case)
  11. ahal

    ahal TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 54

    Yes, tempting but the guys I bought it off ( online store ) have a habit of losing stuff on a regular basis, they don't want to pay carriage ( even though it's their fault ) and it's cheaper to just buy the adaptor.

    I don't know what it is, but every time I go near a computer or anything to do with them lately something serious goes wrong lol! And the final irony ... my website is dedicated to my collection of what? - you guessed it, old computers!
  12. kimsland

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    Lol :)

    No it's not you, have a look at the TechSpot new threads, there's really lots of problems users are having

    Old computers hey, doh! I have to find that info I had on an old computer with "Kim" labeled electronic board inside, I've always wanted that.
  13. ahal

    ahal TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 54

    Hmm ... that computer rings a bell, or rather the board name. Mind you it's probably very rare, and rarity always scares me. Have you seen the price of ZX80's not to mention Altair 8800's lately ? eek!

    Appreciate your help. I'm thinking of getting away from this WYSIWYG web software tbh, as far as I'm concerned - and maybe I'm being a spoilt brat - it should be possible for NOF to not just warn that it can't find a colossal list of files, but offer to re-associate as well. I'm thinking like 'batch process' with filenames instead of pictures!


  14. kimsland

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  15. ahal

    ahal TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 54

    LOL .. brings back memories of my Memorex 8088 ... it's amazing what people will pay for the 'privelege' ;)
  16. kimsland

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    Well I've always wanted that, but I wouldn't buy such a thing myself, it's just a little non-practical, and um ar, well I probably couldn't spend $100 on something, just for me :(
  17. ahal

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    Funny thing is ( er, not funny at all but you know what I mean ) someone somewhere will pick up one of those and throw it in a skip, not knowing what it is, during a 'tidy' of the garage. I wince when I think of some of the machines I threw out ... before I knew better :)
  18. ahal

    ahal TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 54

    Status update time!

    Okay, I used powertweak ( having reinstalled everything, service packs and so on ) and went looking for a file 'Security' tab. No tab, so I followed Microsoft's advice ( enable simple file sharing ) but no joy.

    I booted in safe, and created a new user account. I then deleted the original Administrator account, and tried to delete the user account I'd created in order to delete it ( moment of innocence ) but of course it wouldn't let me.

    I thought I'd be back to square one with the (new) administrator account referencing the (new) user account, but no. It appears that the file paths are robustly referencing 'Documents and settings \ Administrator' and nothing else.

    Now for a sheepish question. As I deleted the original Admin account, do I have to reinstall all the service packs again ( I chose to delete all files with it )

    I think I might go to bed for 16 hours after this :)
  19. kimsland

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    No the User account does not hold any of the Security Updates, they are all installed into Windows system folders. Except for the original reference to who was the User who originally installed the Security Updates (which I've always found annoying, when trying to "clean" up a system, and create a new account)

    Anyway, I'll just pass that off as you being tired.

    As for the Administrator account, the original Administrator account may not actually be called "Administrator" This all depends upon how it was originally setup (I can feel a clean install coming up here ;) )
  20. ahal

    ahal TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 54

    Oh no! Please don't say 'clean install' :0 That's what I'm just after doing! Yes tired, and confusing the hell out of myself!
  21. kimsland

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    Post #21 still got no where = clean install :)

    By the way, clean install means re-image (if you have one of those restore discs)
    Or install from Windows Setup CD and remove the Partition when this option comes up, then just continue Windows Setup (ie Windows will automatically create a new partition correctly).
  22. ahal

    ahal TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 54

    Halelluja! ( or however you spell it ) I could kiss the folks who started techspot, but they probably wouldn't like that. The overweight buzzard ( my website ) is back up and flying again! Well screw that: I've spent 3 days stressing all because the file references should've pointed to something that wasn't there.

    I'm going to have to write some detailed notes to self so I don't get in this mess again. It simply wouldn't be on my system but for your help, thank you so much. I loaded NOF back on and swallowed hard, but sure enough, everything is showing up just fine. The style of the site sucks a bit ( www.deadpc.net ) but at least now I have a chance to do something about it!

    I've gone through a big jar of coffee you know :)

    Much appreciate your help and this site rocks! Got me out of the unmentionable stuff more times than I can remember!
  23. kimsland

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    Wait... it works now :grinthumb :grinthumb


    Wow lots of pics
  24. ahal

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    Thanks a lot :)

    I just need to drag it out of the 1990's with those nav buttons, cull them to 7-9, run 'em horizontal across the top instead of vertical, oh and stop the flash text scrolling out of view lol! Always something to do with these sites, eh?

    I look in on www.old-computers.com on a regular basis and drool ...
  25. kimsland

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    I'm enthralled with the site, so much to read and see
    I can't believe tennis on what seems to be an oscilloscope, I thought the first one was my Atari (many hours spent on that, high graphics game :) )

    keep it the same for the moment, very fast to load
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