YouTube to launch paid channel subscriptions later this year


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A handful of popular content producers on YouTube could start charging for channel subscriptions this spring, according to a report on AdAge. The move is intended to lure eyeballs and advertiser dollars away from traditional TV and would kick off...

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Same here. Unless it's NBA games, I will gladly pay if they let me stream it on my phone.
I'd pay for good quality NCAA basketball games. ESPN's offerings were good several years ago, now any high caliber game is blacked out on espn3. I end up finding the games on firstrow or vipbox and usually the quality is pretty good, but I always wade into those sides with noscript and adblock and make educated guesses on which scripts to allow in noscript. Simply because I don't really trust those sites, and going in unprotected seems risky, not to mention dealing with popups.

Even if they did start offering games, I'm sure they would charge something like $5.99 when all I'd be willing to pay is $1. Charge more than $1 and I'll just continue to watch them on firstrow and vipbox.


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The most popular channels on YouTube make a ton of money from AdSense as is. I would probably unsubscribe to any channel that charges money.


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Content locked behind a dollar figure is content that I don't really need. I can find entertainment elsewhere.

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