Defrag for Windows is an easy-to-use complete defragmenting utility to make your Windows run faster by defragmenting the fragmented files.

Defrag for Windows is fully automatic and as user-friendly as a one-button-click. Just click a button and go to launch or bed. Defrag for Windows will do all the neccesary operations and depending on you choice restart or shut down your PC.

Defrag for Windows runs on Windows 98/ME/2000/XP and is designed to do the tedious task of a complete defragmenting without human intervention.

Read the product Defrag for Windows FAQ and please feel free to download a trial copy and try.

Why do I need this software?
Because your programs and documents will load slower and slower by time due to fragmentation. Thus you need to defragment your files regularly. Since a complete defragmenting is a tedious and time-consuming task and involves some complicated steps, we have created Defrag for Windows to automate this process.
This software is for you, if you want to run your PC at peek speed.

What is a complete defragmenting?

Complete defragmenting consists of 7 steps:
Shutting down running processes.
Disabling and removing the paging file.
Running Windows Scan Disk utility.
Running Windows Defrag utility.
Restarting the running processes.
Enabling paging file.
Restarting/shutting down the PC.

All the steps are necessary for a satisfactory result.

What's New:

- Support for Windows 2000 added.
- Selective defragmentation of drives now possible.
- Hiberfile can now be removed prior to defragmentation.
- When tasks are done the user may be notified by a message box and/or sound.
- Scandisk may be omitted prior to defragmentation. Not recommended.