The benifit to help you keep your system up to date and secure are:

  • Provides a direct connection to Lenovo server and support for ThinkPad and ThinkCentre drivers, software and BIOS updates.
  • Helps maximize your system performance and minimize security vulnerability.

What's New:

  • Fix: The reboot message\no ac prompt\count down message have not been translated in
  • Fix: The title for count down box shows as ???? in JP
  • Fix: Words truncation of "restart now" on count down box TVSU-160
  • Fix: Supports new updates with "Deplayed" reboot type
  • Fix: Record history of updates processed by TVSU in WMI
  • Fix: Pop up reboot count down dialog if installed both RT 1 and 5 updates
  • Fix: rt_0 coreq rt_5 and rt_0 installed before os restarted for rt_5
  • Fix: Didn't generate detailed result when ignore to install RT_5 update for e-Service
  • Fix: Adjust the installation sequence of reboot type=0, 3 TVSU-178
  • Fix: Differentiate the SU default return value-2147483638
  • Fix: Tune the process bar to show the real-time process