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System disk real-time backup and restore for workstations and home PCs.

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Acronis True Image allows to create an exact disk image for complete system backup and disk cloning providing the most comprehensive data protection.

The disk backup file contains the exact copy of a hard disk, including all the computer data, operating system, and programs.

After a system crash you can restore the entire system or simply replace lost files and folders from your disk backup.

Based on the exclusive Acronis Drive Snapshot disk imaging technology, Acronis True Image allows to create an online system disk backup without reboot to keep the system productive. The product provides the fastest bare metal restore dramatically reducing a downtime and your IT costs.


  • Full system image backup for your PC
  • Dual Protection backs up locally and to the cloud
  • Quickly recover your entire system or just the files you need
  • Universal Restore enables you to restore from any PC to any PC
  • User experience more intuitive and easier to use
  • Automatically backup up all your files
  • Personal key encryption technology, and you are password protected to prevent unauthorized access to your data
  • Faster upload speeds
  • Multiple Versions of your files saved so that you can recover from any point in time – up to 20 versions
  • Bare metal recovery – Recover a system disk directly from the cloud in case of drive failure
  • PC migration – Transfer your files, folders or the entire system to any PC. Migration to a new make or model of PC is fast and simple
  • Windows 8 support including touchscreen

What's New:

  • Issues with the product installation were resolved.
  • Preparing for a backup operation is now faster.
  • All Acronis True Image tools are available now in the Tools menu.
  • Upgrade to Acronis True Image 2015 3 computers or Acronis True Image 2015 Unlimited is now available from the product interface.

Fixed issues:

  • Serial numbers for Acronis True Image 2014 OEM are not accepted for the product upgrade.
  • An encrypted backup to Acronis Cloud fails, and the "Decompression error" message is displayed.
  • Universal Boot Media Builder (b38938) fails to create a bootable media with the Acronis True Image 2014 components.
  • The Download button for Acronis Universal Restore leads to the wrong page.
  • The progress bar indicates the backup process for each selected drive separately.
  • Many Acronis True Image installations are canceled by users because of locked files.
  • The Recover PC button is enabled in case the backup process has stopped.
  • The folder tree is too narrow to select files to back up.
  • User Interface becomes not responsive.
  • User Interface freezes or works with significant delay.
  • User Interface works slowly.
  • Sometimes Acronis True Image fails to open a backup. Problem with automatic backup version consolidation.
  • Several "Trueimage.exe" processes appear on the computer.
  • Scrollbar in file/folder selection window does not work.
  • Serial numbers of Acronis True Image 11 or older are not accepted for the product upgrade.

Known issues:

  • Universal Boot Media does not see Windows 7 recovered from a specific image.
  • It is impossible to recover data in the disk mode from a sector-by-sector backup of an SSD drive to the same location.
  • File exclusion by mask doesn't work in the Clone operation.
  • The backup creation date is displayed truncated for a nonstop backup created a day before.
  • It's difficult to navigate through the folder tree when creating a file backup and using a small or medium screen resolution.

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