GAlert (GMail Alert) is an easy to use and high performance GMail notifier supports multiple GMail accounts and automatic login. It brings clean, easy and elegant look to the way people check their new email.

* Main Features:Support multiple GMail accounts
* Support easy automatic login through context menu
* Support using GMail to send mail from mailto: link
* Support customizable virtual effect, bring clean and elegant look to your desktop
* Support playing different audio formats (*.wav, *.mp3) etc when new email arrives
* Protect GMail users' privacy by using HTTPs internet connections and Blowfish account passwords encryption
* High performance
* Easily navigate and browse received message using Mouse Scroll Wheel on Desktop Alert Window

Support Language:

* Chinese Simplified
* English

System Requirements:

* Windows 98/Me/NT4/2000/XP/2003 operating systems
* With Internet connection

What's New:
1. Restores the https support.
2. Addes Greek Language support
1. Fixed a minor date display bug on Google News
2. Add Serbian (Latin) language support