Solitaire City is an impressive collection of your favourite one and two pack solitaire card games played against the clock. The faster you play, the higher your score.
Upload your highest scores to the web and compete against the best players in The World. Features stunning photo-realistic card graphics in three sizes that rotate and sway as you drag them around the screen. Alpha blended shadows, wacky sounds, cool backgrounds and music. You can
customize everything from the sounds and music to the cards and backgrounds. Download new card sets from the Solitaire City Web Site or create your own with Solitaire Setty, the card set designer, which you can download for free. Turn your JPEG collection into a photo-realistic card set. You can also choose to display any JPEG or BMP image in the
background. Features a unique hands-on training system. Solitaire City can teach you how to play an unfamiliar game as you participate and will transform you from novice to pro in a matter of minutes. No more confusing instructions to read. Learn as you play ! One Pack Solitaire Games Included (the number of game variations are shown inside parenthesis) FreeCell (7), Spider (3) Klondike (12), Demon (4), Poker
Squares (4), Pyramid (2), Cribbage Squares (3), Golf (4) Two Pack Solitaire Games Included Casket (2), Alternations (4)