Rocket.Chat 2.15.3

From group messages and video calls all the way to helpdesk killer features our goal is to become the number one cross-platform open source chat solution.

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Prepare to take off with the ultimate chat platform experience the next level of team communications. Rocket.Chat is an incredible product because we have an incredible developer community. Over 200 contributors have made our platform a dynamic and innovative toolkit, from group messages and video calls to helpdesk killer features. Our contributors are the reason we're the best cross-platform open source chat solution available today.


  • Multi-platform. Access from anywhere: web browser, desktop and mobile applications.
  • Highly Configurable. Set up your system exactly how you want it. Rebrand as needed.
  • Open Source. Our code is 100% Open Source under the MIT license. Fork it on GitHub.
  • Simple but Powerful. Packages are at the core of Rocket.Chat capabilities, offering an impressive array of features
  • aimed at making your business succeed
  • Video Conference. Chat with your colleagues and friends face-to-face over audio and video.
  • Helpdesk Chat. Have your website visitors contact you in real-time and increase conversions.
  • File Sharing. Drag-and-drop files or select them from your computer or mobile device.
  • Voice Message. Record and transmit voice messages to a channel, group or private conversation.
  • Link Preview. Post a link and immediately view its content. YouTube, Twitter, Gifs.
  • API. Integrate your chat to multiple services: GitHub, GitLab, JIRA, Confluence and others.
  • Extendability. Want a killer new feature? Add a new package. It is as simple as that.
  • Native Applications. Native client applications available for download on Linux, Windows and OSX.
  • Mobile Applications. Mobile client applications available for iOS and Android on their respective stores.

What's New:

macOS version updated to 1.5.0

Breaking Changes

  • #9048 Decouple livechat visitors from regular users

New Features

  • #9366 add /home link to sidenav footer logo
  • #9107 Add impersonate option for livechat triggers
  • #9228 Add mention-here permission #7631
  • #9053 Add support to external livechat queue service provider
  • #8411 Contextual Bar Redesign
  • #9234 Indicate the Self DM room
  • #9135 Livechat extract lead data from message
  • #9245 new layout for emojipicker
  • #9216 Sidebar menu option to mark room as unread
  • #9442 Update documentation: provide example for multiple basedn
  • #9510 Contextual bar mail messages

Bug Fixes

  • #9330 announcement hyperlink color
  • #9314 custom emoji size on sidebar item
  • #9335 Deleting message with store last message not removing
  • #9285 English Typos
  • #9264 File access not working when passing credentials via querystring
  • #9164 Fix closing livechat inquiry
  • #9393 Fix incoming livechat when impersonating an agent
  • #9451 Fix livechat build
  • #9452 Fix livechat register form
  • #9365 Force enable Livechat Facebook integration on specific errors
  • #9364 Highlight setting not working correctly
  • #9345 last message cutting on bottom
  • #9309 LDAP/AD is not importing all users
  • #9437 Missing sidebar paddings on mobile
  • #9272 Missing translations
  • #9173 oauth not working because of email array
  • #9328 popover on safari for iOS
  • #9274 Remove sweetalert from livechat facebook integration page
  • #9277 Restore translations from other languages
  • #9249 sidebar footer padding
  • #9428 Slash command 'archive' throws exception if the channel does not exist
  • #9435 Slash command 'unarchive' throws exception if the channel does not exist
  • #9432 Subscriptions not removed when removing user
  • #9311 svg render on firefox
  • #9289 Wrong position of notifications alert in accounts preference page
  • #9481 Contextual bar redesign
  • #9506 Fix livechat visitor edit
  • #9493 large names on userinfo, and admin user bug on users with no usernames

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