A Snarfer is a new type of creature. Snarfers are hungry little creatures that crave information! They consume a steady stream of information feeds and store it for their users. Snarfer gets "smart" by accumulating information from many different places and then gives users the ability to read and manage it.

Snarfer is both an application and platform. It has been architected to support Plugins to add future functionality and Skins to deliver user interface customization. These features as well as many others will be exposed in upcoming versions.

What's New:

1.0.0 to 1.0.2 - June 15, 2008

* Features:
* Keyword watches can now monitor individual feeds or folders.

* Technical Improvements:
* Added support for more embedded video sites.
* Added support for Google cookie authenticated feeds.
* Cross-feed duplicate detection improved for feeds with no guid.
* The rdf:about attribute is now treated as a unique identifier.

* Bug Fixes:
* Search plugins bundled with version 1.0.0 didn't work at all.
* Filters used in keyword watches were always treated as "match all".
* Removed unsupported countries from eBay plugin.