This tool is designed to remove infections of the following threats:

* W32.HLLW.Antinny
* W32.HLLW.Antinny.E
* W32.HLLW.Antinny.G
* W32.Antinny.K
* W32.Antinny.Q
* W32.Antinny.AX
* Trojan.Sientok
* Trojan.Exponny


* If you are on a network or have a full-time connection to the Internet, such as a DSL or cable modem, disconnect the computer from the network and Internet. Disable or password-protect file sharing, or set the shared files to Read Only, before reconnecting the computers to the network or to the Internet. Because this worm spreads by using shared folders on networked computers, to ensure that the worm does not reinfect the computer after it has been removed, Symantec suggests sharing with Read Only access or by using password protection.

For instructions on how to do this, refer to your Windows documentation, or the document: How to configure shared Windows folders for maximum network protection.
* If you are removing an infection from a network, first make sure that all the shares are disabled or set to Read Only.
* This tool is not designed to run on Novell NetWare servers. To remove this threat from a NetWare server, first make sure that you have the current virus definitions, and then run a full system scan with the Symantec antivirus product.