vTask Studio includes all the features you need to automate your computer, such as launching apps, mouse actions, and loops. Of course, it goes beyond the basics, and also includes advanced automation capabilities such as checkpoints and database queries.

However, what really sets vTask apart are its unique features like image matching and an integrated EXE compiler. And all of that functionality is contained inside of a program that is only 1 megabyte in size! vTask is very efficiently written, something we're proud of.


* Full control of PC: Mouse, Keyboard, Menus
* File, Registry, and Database Access
* Recording and playback
* Checkpoints, Loops, and Subroutines
* User-defined variables and array lists
* Excel spreadsheet automation
* Create XLS & PDF files without Excel/Adobe
* Compile scripts into standalone programs
* Design User Interfaces with a single step
* Image-based mouse commands
* Package Scheduling and Images in EXEs
* Low-level Win API access, without plug-ins
* No requirement for .NET or any other libraries