GoodSync 10.10.18

GoodSync is an easy and reliable file backup and file synchronization software.

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It automatically analyzes, synchronizes, and backs up your emails, precious family photos, contacts, MP3s, financial documents, and other important files locally between desktops, laptops, servers, external drives, and Windows Mobile devices, as well as remotely through FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, and more.


Easy to Use Windows Interface

  • Do routine multiple folder synchronizations with one click.
  • Automatic, on-screen, context sensitive hints.
  • Minimal questions asked before file sync starts.
  • Multilingual user interface with localized file names support.

Performs real all-way file and folder synchronization

  • File modifications and deletions are stored in a database.
  • The innovative algorithm does not rely on file system precision or accuracy.
  • Actual folder (directory) synchronization.
  • Virtually any file system is supported.

Can be used in various scenarios

  • Sync data between your desktop PC and laptop (notebook).
  • Update and backup files over a local network or the Internet.
  • Synchronize more than 2 directories.
  • Do data replication and backup between home and work computers.
  • Synchronize a removable (USB key, flash drive, CDRW) device with a local drive. You will combine the performance of local file devices with the absolute mobility of a removable drive. And don't be so afraid of losing your USB key or even of your hard drive crashing: be at ease, knowing you have kept a copy of your most important data.

What's New:

  • Server Accounts: allow changing of server URL and options not to change Account Key.
  • Server Accounts: Added User Email, User Full Name to accounts.
  • Browse Dialog: when user changes Server Account, ask her whether to update Account or create a new one.
  • Browse Dialog: Make %VAR% parametric sync folder paths work properly in Browse dialog.
  • Browse Dialog: Disable OK button, if User clicks on Server or Server Account.
  • Browse Dialog: Make GSTP Direct Addressing work correctly with Server Accounts.
  • Do not check SSL certs: On for gstore://, Off for gstps://, On for single-server file systems.
  • New Job: Fixed New Job from Templates, it was not working.
  • GoodSync + CC: Show Upload Accounts and Upload Jobs commands in regular GoodSync.
  • gsync: Added commands to manage Server Accounts: /sa-create /sa-update /sa-rename /sa-delete /sa-list
  • gsync: Added /dN=/server/folder to specify Server/Folder or Folder inside Server Account.

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