Every budding digital camera user has this problem: Keeping the photos in an easy to remember way. An average user may have a "few hundreds" of photos called IMG_100.JPG, IMG_0152.JPG, IMG_0531.JPG* in folders CAN0100, CAN0111*, etc.

Pictures you can't find are JUST AS USELESS as pictures that are completely lost!
So, it is important to think about a system for naming pictures and picture folders.


# Meaningful folder names such as "[2005-12-09] Milen Birthday Party" can be created.
# Roll Back Manager. If you are not satisfied with transfer results your can undo a transfer operation.
# Source files will be deleted only: if user select "Delete sources" options and copying file was successfully transferred (check for file identity).
# Automate boring tasks to save time. When you have hundreds or thousands of photos, you save lots of time.
Automatically copyrighted your photos by filling in the IPTC annotation.
# Immediate "Result" folder structure preview. You can see the transfer result to avoid any transfer mistakes. Built-in duplicate-checker feature prevents accidental overwrites.
# Powerful custom tokens editor. New custom tokens: season, type, etc.
# Support for RAW files

What's New:

- Improved work with custom tokens
- Minor bugs fixed
- Minor Improvements