netTunes lets you control iTunes running on one Macintosh from another, using iTunes' native interface.

netTunes is handy for users who are using iTunes to feed an audio system, either directly or with AirPort Express.

We've improved performance, fixed various problems, made the UI better than ever, and improved the demo experience.

What's New:
· Now less purple than ever! Intel based servers no longer color their iTunes purple. Sorry, Prince!
· Universal - now Intel compatible. netTunes is now fully compatible with both Intel and Power PC based Macintoshes.
· Faster! Improved vectorization has made this version of netTunes faster on both Intel and Power PC Macs.
· iTunes fixes. Recent versions of iTunes changed the behavior of the minimize and restore apple events; netTunes has been adjusted to track and restore these states properly.


· iTunes 2.1 or later.