In SpellForce 2, the player takes over the role of the avatar, solving quests and overcoming obstacles as in classical RPGs, but also experiences strategic challenges while leading armies as in an RTS – therefore offering a complete synthesis of both genres in a perfect blend.

The player's character, equipped with a multitude of unique skills, spells and a great variety of items, weapons and armor, with the ability to level- up in a direction chosen by the player, is supported by up to five heroes. These heroes are part of the story and become important individuals as the tale unfolds, while their careers are chosen by the player at critical junctures.


* Innovative Role-Playing-Strategy Genre
* Players can choose from over 100 Avatar skills, allowing them to develop individual characters and gameplay styles
* Top quality graphics raising RTS standards to a new level
* Highly detailed and living fantasy worlds which react to the actions of the player: Fight monsters, gather items, adventure, trade and harbor mighty artifacts to use for your conquests… a complete consistent world – unique for the RTS genre!
* Players will lead different factions to victory, each with 12 very different units consisting of infantry, cavalry and flyers
* Click’n’Fight: revolutionary control system, already well established since SpellForce I, guarantees instant action, the best possible overview and completely new tactical possibilities in battle
* Single-player campaign with 50+ hours of game-play in a consistant game world with a continuous, gripping storyline and a wealth of sub-quests: Explore mountains, glades, forests, caves…
* Different multi-player modes in over 30 stunning multi-player maps for Player vs. Player & Player vs. AI/Monsters, including exciting online interaction with intelligent and adaptive enemy AI
* Multiplayer Avatars gain levels & equipment and can be used in both, Player vs. Players and co-op multi-player games