GetRight Pro does everything that GetRight does and a lot more. GetRight Pro will of course help you download files with acceleration, resuming/recovering from errors, dialing, scheduling, file searching and everything else.

GetRight Pro adds uploading of files, advanced scripting, acting as a proxy so other programs can take advantange of it's features and more!

What's New:

* 6.3e: Many fixes and small improvements.
* 6.3d: Many fixes and small improvements.
* 6.3c: Added a "Brand New User Wizard" and made a few changes to help get setup easier for a new GetRight user.
* More fixes, see below.
* 6.3b: Fix a crash on startup for some people
* 6.3b: New SSL files.
* 6.3a: New installer tool.
* 6.3a: Fixes for some Vista issues.
* 6.3a: Maintenance and lots of little fixes.
* 6.3: New graphics. Greatly improved appearance for Vista and XP..
* 6.3: New "Find Files" button links to convenient categories of software on our new (A button with the same menus as the one below.)
* 6.3: Fix several Vista issues with detecting web browser clicks.
* 6.3: Improved the Shutdown when Done so the options are all in one easy menu.
* 6.3: Fixed issues with Vista/XP/2003 and DEP (Data Execution Protection.)
* 6.3: Quite a few more fixes and improvements.