Fusion 13 supports Macs with either Intel or Apple silicon running macOS 12 and newer, and includes features for developers, IT admins and everyday users. Use the links below to start your free, fully functional 30-day trial, no registration required, or register for a free personal use license of Fusion Player.

VMware Fusion 13.5 Brings Exciting New Features for Running Windows 11 on Macs with Apple Silicon

  • For users on Fusion 13 already, you can update by clicking "Check For Updates" within the app.
  • If you're still on Fusion 12, head on over to store.vmware.com and upgrade to Fusion 13 today to get going right away.

What's New

We are thrilled to announce the launch of VMware Fusion 13.5 Pro and VMware Fusion 13.5 Player for Mac. This latest release brings some incredibly exciting new capabilities that dramatically improve the experience of running Windows 11 on Macs powered by Apple silicon.

As a longtime partner of Microsoft, VMware is fully committed to supporting Windows 11 for Arm on the new generation of Macs. With Fusion 13.5, we have taken huge strides toward delivering a seamless, intuitive, out-of-the-box experience for running Windows that feels right at home on these amazing new Macs.

Breakthrough VMware Tools

The star of the show is of course the new VMware Tools experience. With full 3D support for emulated 32-bit, 64-bit and arm64-native graphics, Fusion 13.5 performs like never before. In addition, the new VMware Tools installer adds ultra-fast file transfers via drag-and-drop as well as copy-paste for quickly getting files and data between Windows and your Mac. Buttrey smooth auto-fit window resizing, with multi-mon support, rounds out the polished experience making running Windows 11 on the latest Macs a delight.

Release Highlights:

  • Free update for v13 users!
  • Metal-accelerated DirectX 11 3D graphics support for gaming and CAD apps
  • Ultra-fast file transfers with drag-and-drop and copy/paste between Mac host and Windows guest
  • Smooth Window resizing and multi-monitor support with Auto-Fit

Oh, One More Thing… The All-New "Get Windows" Feature

But we didn't stop there. We realize that getting Windows 11 for arm can be difficult, so we took it to heart and developed a tool that not only downloads Windows for you, but it will automatically add the necessary drivers needed to support networking and graphics in your virtual machine. Simply open the new virtual machine wizard, choose "Get Windows", select Windows 11, choose your edition and language, and Fusion will automatically download the latest Windows 11 image directly from Microsoft.

We even built in a resume capability, in case your download is interrupted you can restart it without starting over. Once downloaded, you can use it again and again. This saves you the hassle of hunting down the right ISO and provides a streamlined path to getting Windows up and running quickly.

Out-of-box experience for signing into Microsoft account during Windows setup

Taken together, these new capabilities deliver a best-in-class solution for running Windows that feels fast, fluid, and tightly integrated with your Mac hardware and OS while retaining that fresh out-of-box experience. You can sign into your Microsoft account during Windows setup to automatically bring your documents and settings along, or even do a more complete migration from an existing PC in the process.

Enhanced Security and Stability

Beyond Windows, Fusion 13.5 incorporates other great improvements as well. We've implemented a new encryption scheme for enhanced security, updated to the latest OS support across our diverse platform lineup, and squashed countless bugs to provide better stability.

VMware Fusion has long held a treasured spot in the hearts of Mac users for its revolutionary ability to run Windows and other operating systems seamlessly on the Mac. With this release, we feel we've recaptured that magic at a whole new level for the exciting new generation of Apple silicon Macs.

Whether you rely on Windows for gaming, development, design, or productivity, Fusion 13.5 Pro and Player are the simplest, fastest, and most integrated way to run Windows 11 on your Mac that we've ever delivered. We hope it's as much a delight to use as it was to develop