Pixels is a fast graphics viewer with advanced image processing. This software is specifically designed to handle a large number of files distributed over multiple folders with ease. It allows you to browse through a huge file tree and allows you to perform simple file actions such as rename, delete, move and copy right from the thumbnail view. It also introduces a unique grouping function that allows you to manage the files without necessarily moving them from their physical location. This feature can be very useful if you are trying to sort pictures downloaded from your digital camera or from your favourite download site. Pixels also includes a slide show mode. The software does not stop there however. It also includes advanced image processing filters such as sharpen, blur, edge detection and more.

Pixels can "hide" text in your image. The text is scrambled and stored inside the image data without altering the size. Using Pixels, you will be able to decode the image and retrieve the text.

The latest Pixels version supports image comparison. It looks up images with visual similarity and presents them for you.