Share files with tens of millions of Mac and Windows users around the planet.


* Millions of users, billions of files
* iTunes Intimacy
* Media Preview
* Preview audio files directly in Acquisition, even before they finish downloading.
* Fall in love with new artists
* Acquisition provides recommendations of new artists to investigate.
* Browse by Artists/Albums
* You arrange your CD collection by artist and album, and so does Acquisition. The artist/album browser is a unique innovation exclusive to Acquisition.
* With its seamless iTunes integration, Acquisition is the must-have software accessory for all iPod owners.
* High-speed downloads
* Acquisition "swarms" files from multiple hosts to maximize your download speeds.
* Aqua-luscious
* Written in Cocoa, Acquisition is beautiful. It is such a stellar OS X citizen that Apple and countless others have 'borrowed' interface ideas from it.
* Filter the junk
* Acquisition automatically filters junk from known file spammers. There's also an "adult" content filter to keep things tasteful.
* Control your bandwidth
* Limit the number of downloads, pause & resume downloads, and cap your upload bandwidth.

What's New:

* preferentially use Java 1.4.


* Java 1.4.1 or later.