There is no trade-off of functionality for security: the Web site can use the full range of active content tools, and if it uses these tools maliciously to install software or otherwise make changes in your computer, then these changes can be easily undone.

Sandboxie has originally been designed to increase the security of browsing with Internet Explorer, however it is just as effective with any other browser, and in fact, any other program. Sandboxie wraps a protection layer around the programs it supervises. It is this layer that intercepts and isolates any changes the programs make to the computer. And this layer is impartial to the specific program it wraps.

Sandboxie was designed as an application that will allow you isolates and quarantines website.

When you browse the web, changes occur to your computer system. Most of the time these changes are harmless, like recording the addresses of web sites you have visited (and when), so the browser can help you complete a web address that you type in. Whether these changes are harmless or harmful, they do in fact happen to your computer system.

When you use Sandboxie to protect your browsing session, it catches all these changes just as the browser is about to apply them into your computer system. Sandboxie does record these changes on behalf of the browser, but it records them in a special isolated folder, called the sandbox.

The benefit of having a sandbox is that it ensures your ability to get rid of all changes done by the browser, simply by deleting the sandbox folder.

Another useful feature of Sandboxie is the ability to terminate all sandboxed programs at once. As some web sites tend to pop up three new browser windows for each one you close, you can have Sandboxie close all of them with a click of a button.

What's New


  • Added explicit lines on Plus installer to delete empty shell registry keys at uninstall time (by mpheath) 3f661a8


  • Fixed template sections not showing in editor #1287
  • Fixed autodelete box content broken in the previous build #1296 #1324
  • Fixed crash in "Browse Content" window #1313
  • Fixed issue with icon resolution on Windows 7 #1310
  • Fixed invalid "No Inet" status in the status column #1312
  • Fixed Windows Explorer search box not working (by isaak654) #1002
  • Fixed Waterfox phishing template (by Dyras) #1309
  • Fixed issue with Chinese translation files on Plus installer (by mpheath) #1317
  • Fixed autorun registry key path on Plus installer (by mpheath) abd2d44
  • Fixed memory corruption in SbieSvc.exe