Do you remember that classic game by Broderbund? The idea is simple: you control the hero who avoids the guards and collects all the treasure to move on to the next level. The hero cannot kill guards, but can dig holes in the brick floors to temporarily trap the guards. It is as simple as fascinating. Ready to take up the challenge? It is the time for Lode Runner by ZX Games!

As always, we offer you nothing but a masterpiece:

- Seventy-five breathtaking levels, each of them with its own zest and strategy
- Unique AI making guards act naturally, which allows you to vary your tactics
- Exclusive control technology: your character will never get jammed or stuck
- Quick save and load
- Both window and full screen modes available
- Comprehensive help
- 75 new levels (150 in total)
- Level selection
- Additional keys (dig to the left/right)