Build upon a modular graphical core, Cenon offers a wide variety of possibilities and applications - not only Desktop Publishing. The best of all, Cenon is free software, available with full source codes, and at home on many computer platforms.

Cenon owns an enormous range of Import- and Export possibilities. This allows the conversion of all supported graphic formats in any other format.

The field of desktop publishing is a new speciality of Cenon. Freeing images, complex paths, text functions, color shading, printing, and a multitude of import- and export abilities - simply good.

Even an Astrology module is available for Cenon. It turns Cenon into an Astrology program with some unusual highlights. The Module uses the high precision NASA ephemeris data based on the Swiss Ephemeris. It allows the creation of Astrological Charts and Composite Charts in exceptional graphical precision. Furthermore, astrological Geographic Maps can be created...


  • Import of DXF, HPGL, PostScript (PS and EPS), Adobe Illustrator 3, Gerber, PDF, Sieb&Meyer, Wessel, Excellon
  • Import of images (TIFF, GIF, JPG etc.)
  • Import of Type-1 Fonts
  • option: automatic distribution of colors to layers
  • option: automatic joining of paths
  • Import of text lists in ASCII format for mass production

Graphic- and Editing functions:

  • Lines, Arcs, Rectangles, Bezier curves, etc.
  • complex paths
  • object manipulations like join, punch etc.
  • Rich Text (vector fonts, tabulators, rotation, ...)
  • Text along paths
  • Graphic Inspector
  • comfortable layer (page) management
  • alignment of graphic objects
  • multiple Undo and Redo


  • Exposing of images (Clipping)
  • Color shading (Graduate, Radial, Axial)
  • Thumbnail images
  • Color separation


  • Export of DXF, HPGL, PostScript (EPS + PS), Gerber, etc.

Special features:

  • Vectorisation of images
  • Creating the contour of graphic objects
  • Mix function
  • Batch production
  • Serial numbers

What's New:

  • Bug fixes for TIFF-Export and Gerber-Import (Osmond PCB).