Compositor is a full featured image editing and image to art application. Take the tour and check it out. Better yet, download the demo and try it for 35 days.

Have a problem? We didn't bribe anyone for this compliment : " You offer the best support of anyone in the business (and a person doesn't have to talk to a computerized telephone menu or be put on hold). "

Compositor features (briefly):
# Over 165 Filters and channel effects
# Levels and Curves for great image enhancing and color correction.
# Full Painting and Editing Tool Set
# Save and Replay of your Filter actions
# Slide Show
# Quick Palette for commonly used operations
# Crop, Scale and Rotate
# Anti-Aliasing Zoom Window
# Keystone Correction
# Online Help
# Priced at $35 USD
# It's Fun too, and worth 2 times the price. (quoting customers)

What's New:

New Features:

* 3rd party API added for plugin support

* Added Enhancing folder for some user created LUT corrections (via Curves and Levels, etc.) along with Extract Correction Table command for aquiring same from a pair of images as before and after.

* Keystone distort dialog, and distortion tool. (see image menu, and Tool Palette, tool mode.

* Multiline type

* Added new functionality to New Using Current : If Control key is down upon item choice, new image is double width and mirrors selection Left. If Control + Option, then double width and mirrors right. (Same applies for Contextual menu, but be sure to apply or release a key for prior functionality if need be)

* Added Constrain Selection to Select Rect and Select Oval. Double click the tools to set the options. For faster use, Option Click the tool to engage or disengage constrained behavior. When engaged, command click the tool to toggle image proportion, or the user set one as the constraining proportions. Yellow dots on the tool mean constrain custom engaged. Green dots mean Image proportions are engaged.

* Added Selection preview mode when in Tool mode. Control - V with a selection to visually isolate the selected portion for cropping, etc.

* Added Blink Image feature, so that Comet Compositor or Meteor of Doom may eventually be found some day. Until found, we'll have no public 'comet' at this time. (ha)

* Added selection width and height info window (rect and oval, Ws,Hs) along with center of selection (xc,yc) and top left corner position info ( xs,ys).

* Added Open All command to Open Recent menu. (ESC or Command-Period to cease any accidental cascade of image opening.)

* Added polygonal select feature to Lasso Tool (click point to point while holding down the option key)

* Added a few tool tips (select rect, oval, airbrush, paintbrush, text tool)

Changed / Improved:

* Restored a feature (for registered users) where the splash is bypassed when app-opening an image by double click for faster working.

* Enhanced the automatic entry of registration codes for registered users to be easier and more foolproof.

* Deleted user confusing Scale Input To Screen feature. (formerly found in Mode Menu)

* Added click to set speed note to Actions dialog. (click a marker square to set or use Mode Menu/ Actions Replay item)

* Better support for long file names (still not for save though), added proxy path to doc windows

Bug Fixes:

* Fixed possible permissions error on some user accounts.
* Fixed clip region error with rotations/canvas enlarge.
* Fixed some resource corruption issues in the online help.
* Fixed problem where last save type was not remembered.