TechTool Pro now features a suite of S.M.A.R.T tests (Self Monitoring Analysis And Reporting Technology).

Most modern hard drives now support this industry standard that employs predictive diagnostics and analysis to help foresee a drive failure BEFORE it happens. TechTool Pro 4's SMART test allows you to automatically monitor this vital data and be forewarned of impending danger to your data, allowing you to back up critical information before disaster strikes.

The eDrive feature allows you to create an invisible emergency volume from your existing drive. This new partition is created WITHOUT the need to reformat your current drive and allows you to store a copy of your system, a copy of TechTool Pro and even allows you to make room for other utilities.

If you ever have trouble with your main drive, simply restart your computer and your system will start from your Emergency Drive giving you immediate access to the utilities you'll need to resurrect your main drive. Now there's no more need for a bootable CD or ancillary hard drive for system drive repair or maintenance.

With the power of Mac OS X, TechTool Pro 4 is now the fastest version of the program we've ever made. With Mac OS X's native multitasking capability, TechTool Pro 4 can now run its full battery of tests simultaneously. This means that repair and maintenance chores that once took minutes will only take seconds.

TechTool Pro now offers a new optimization feature for your Mac OS X drive. The Mac OS X system contains thousands of files that fragment quickly. TechTool Pro 4 lets you quickly and safely unfragment these and other files so your system runs reliably at its peak.