PC-Mac PasswordVault securely stores your collection of important service access information such as website usernames and passwords, Internet banking account numbers and PINs, and software registration details for quick and convenient access.

PC-Mac PasswordVault Lite X protects your data using very strong 896-bit double-Blowfish encryption and has a master Password Recovery System (MPRS) ensures you never lose your data.


* Perfect for home, school and office use
* One-click access to usernames, passwords and websites
* Protects your data using very strong 896-bit double-Blowfish encryption
* Allows you to access all your data by entering a simple 'Master Password'
* Master Password Recovery System (MPRS) ensures you never lose your data
* You can safely change your master password regularly, due to the MPRS
* PC-Mac PasswordVault2Go runs directly on portable media like USB drives
* Price includes the desktop and portable (PC-Mac PasswordVault2Go) versions
* Organizations can securely distribute password collections to users via email
* An auto-lock timer protects your data if you leave your desktop unattended
* Service categories can be added, changed and removed at any time
* The random password generator can create very secure random passwords
* Service data can be easily and securely backed up as an encrypted data file
* Imports and exports service data in several clear text and encrypted formats
* Encrypted service data files can be saved to and loaded from any location
* Notes can be included with a service, for storing email addresses, etc.
* Main service information access window takes up very little screen space
* A dynamic help system provides information about the function of each button
* A variety of attractive 'skins' can be selected for the main window backdrop
* The Standard Edition supports any number of services (the Lite Edition supports 10)
* Windows 98/NT/2000/ME/XP, MacOS X, MacOS Classic and Linux (i86) versions
* Compatible to MacOS from System 8.6 to MacOS X 10.3 (Panther)
* You can download all versions for Windows, MacOS and Linux when you purchase
* Free upgrades for one year included in the purchase price

What's New:

* Adds online password synchronization (so passwords on multiple computers can be easily and securely synchronized anywhere in the world).
* Adds global floating window transparency (making it less conspicuous).
* Adds Windows Vista compatibility.
* Adds reduced CPU utilization
* Various optimizations.