You don't need to prepare or rewrite your classes. Even if you don't use doc comments, you can generate handy class documentation.

VisDoc generates html documentation from ActionScript 2.0 class files.

Class relations mean everything. VisDoc links superclasses and their methods to give a quick overview how classes are connected.

Flexibility is built in: documentation pages are formatted with editable templates (XSL and CSS). Just customize to have your own layout and style.

Changed some classes? Start up the application and hit the Process button - VisDoc remembers all your settings from the last time.


- Parses methods, properties, class type, superclasses, interfaces
- Parses "get" and "set" methods as property variables; recognizes cases when get and set use different variable types
- Parses Javadoc-style comments, with additional tags
- Links superclasses and interfaces
- Links inherited methods and properties from all superclasses
- Processes multiple documents, multiple folders
- Resolves included scripts, recursively
- Recognizes duplicate files (duplicate class paths) - only uses the newest
- No additional markup needed: @class, @method and @property tags are not required
- Support for html formatted text inside doc comments
- Clean designed layout of documentation
- ... with scalable font sizes
- ... fully customizable, based on XSL
- ... skinnable with CSS
- ... default output is XHTML strict, W3C validated
- XSL and CSS are editable within the app
- Optionally generate index page (frameset) with Table of Contents
- ... set custom index page title
- Optionally add prefix to files
- Optionally save as xml
- Adds modification date class file
- Adds creation date documentation.

What's New:

- Fixes a newly introduced bug that no longer displayed const members.