A computer without a firewall is easy prey for hackers, worms, remote access Trojans and other online threats. Anti-spyware and virus protection are only a part of any security solution. A firewall is a critical component, and Webroot Desktop Firewall secures your computer from Internet threats and reduces the risks of being a victim of online crimes. Unlike the Windows XP and Vista Firewall, Webroot Desktop Firewall combines intelligent firewall technology with intrusion prevention for inbound and outbound protection that is both powerful and easy to use.

Designed for novices and experts alike, Webroot Desktop Firewall is the gatekeeper to your PC.

* Monitors Internet traffic in and out of your PC for better protection
* Makes your PC invisible to online scammers looking for easy targets
* Prevents remote access Trojans from hijacking your PC

What's New in Version 5.8
NEW! Automatic Network Detection

Whether you are using your laptop at home, at the office, or on the go, Webroot Desktop Firewall automatically recognizes your Internet connection and sets the appropriate security settings
NEW! Recognizes Trusted Programs

Webroot Desktop Firewall reduces the number of false alarms by recognizing many known and trusted software programs and automatically allowing them Internet access. Additional programs can easily be added with a single click.
NEW! Protection for the latest 64-bit Windows Vista™ PCs

Webroot Desktop Firewall is fully compatible with the advanced 64-bit Windows Vista™ Service Pack 1 operating system. It provides superior protection to the basic security features found in Windows, and will not cause conflicts with those features.
NEW! Enhanced protection against hackers

Webroot Desktop Firewall is now even more effective at blocking hackers and intrusion attempts. The enhanced firewall technology recognizes and blocks even more types of intrusions and suspicious behavior to keep your system safe and your identity private.

Minimum System Requirements

Windows XP or Vista
266 Mhz processor
5 MB hard drive space