Just download and install this tool on your PC or laptop. Installation of the program is easy and does not take much time. Run the Disk Usage Analyzer and select the folder or drive to analyze disk usage. You will get a list of all folders in the selected directory or disk with sizes and number of files. Download this free disk usage viewer via link under the screenshot of the program.

Search for the largest files

Many users experience less free space on PC hard disk drive over time. If there is low disk space, you can either buy a new hard drive, in addition to the existing disk or free it up of files that take up space. How do you know which files have a maximum size on the disk? For this purpose, there is a special application - the disk usage analyzer or disk space analyzer. This disk usage analyzer is very useful if you want to analyze disk space and find out which folders take up a lot of space to relocate or delete their contents.

Disk Space Analyzer reports

You can find the operating result of this simple software in a form of several reports. In the upper half of the window, you can see a folder tree with the size and number of files. At the bottom of the disk space analyzer window, you can see more detailed information about the files in selected folders. To do this, click on the folder name in the folder tree. The first disk space analyzer report displays the size and the percentage of file volume in the folder. The second disk space report shows 100 largest files in the selected folder that take up the disk space.

High-speed disk scanner

And finally, the third report demonstrates a color map of file size ratio in the selected folder. You can see the file name, path and size placing the cursor over a certain file map. Consider this simple and comprehensive disk space analyzer with user-friendly interface even for novice users, and a high-speed disc scanning. This best freeware software for disk space management and analysis is available on Windows OS, including Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10.