Download notes: Alternatively you can download the latest non-beta version of this software.

Functional and powerful chat

  • Chat with video and audio
  • Tabbed chats with text, emoticons, and pictures
  • Get in style with themes and skins
  • Use animated widgets to broadcast your status

Information at your fingertips

  • Connect to WLM, Google, Facebook, and more
  • Show contacts and social news feeds
  • See the status of your contacts at a glance
  • Receive real-time notifications of changes

Efficient and sophisticated

  • Minimize your IM world with Trillian Cobalt
  • Search and archive chats with activity history
  • Extend your Trillian possibilities with plugins


  • Trillian 5 is a new "major release" and Pro customers will need to purchase a new license at a discount. Our 30 day pricing protection has been enabled from the point of our first announcement, meaning 30 days before July 1st, 2010. Therefore, if you purchased Pro anytime after June 1st, 2010 you've already got Trillian 5! Licenses are still on sale during our beta and will return to full price upon final release.
  • Synchronized activity history is not yet ready for this build and will be unveiled in a future beta build of Trillian 5. We are still hard at work on the backend to make this possible.
  • We will immediately begin the process of fixing bugs and tweaking features for Trillian 5.
  • Dark theme lovers: a black theme is on the way!
  • News on Trillian for Android public beta is coming next!

See the status of your contacts at a glance. Each contact neatly displays additional information in a card alongside the contact list. Track your IMAP or POP3 accounts in a similar fashion, including the ability to quickly view snippets of incoming mail.

What's New:

  • Window beta version 5.5
  • Mac OS X beta version 3.0
  • Linux beta version 1.2

Group chat improvements

Save chats to your contact list, automatically join selected chats, stay in chat rooms even when closing the window, edit topics directly from the chat window, and much more!

Trillian group chats

In addition to beefing up group chats across the board, we're also unveiling Trillian group chats in 5.3! Right now you'll need to be on the beta to take advantage of group chats but we'll be rolling support out for other devices soon. Trillian group chats are a great way to keep a team connected – they're persistent and cloud-history backed, ensuring you can catch up on conversation that happened while you weren't around.

In-game chat

Just in time for Mists of Pandaria, the new in-game plugin exposes an overlay that works inside of full screen games to keep you connected while you play! In-game chat supports tabbed chatting, alerts, and a cool "unread badge" that sticks around even when the overlay isn't visible so you always know how many unread messages await you. To try it out, simply load a full screen game while the plugin is running and wait for the welcome alert.

SSL improvements

5.3 vastly improves the way Trillian handles SSL certificate validation. The list of root certificate authorities that Trillian trusts is now bundled in a user-configurable text file, and when talking to servers with self-signed or otherwise invalid certificates Trillian will now let you know so that you can decide how to proceed. We also upgraded the version of OpenSSL our clients and servers use, exposing support for ECDHE-RSA-AES256-GCM-SHA384 and forward secrecy when available.

The small stuff

Lots of minor visual cleanups went into 5.3 as well, including some new status icons to make it more obvious who is online and who is away. Both message windows and the contact list have received some shiny new visual upgrades and general cleanups, our Skype integration should now work correctly on Windows 8, and Trillian users can now be invited to Google Talk chat rooms. We also spent some time improving the IRC engine in minor ways for 5.3.