Trillian is free and easy to use instant messaging that works great on your desktop and phone. The best part? We don't hoover up your personal data in order to make money. That's worth supporting!


  • Works and looks like Windows
  • e UI is designed with Windows in mind. Our Trillian Cordonata skin is designed to fit the colors of Windows XP perfectly, while Trillian also supports stunning Aero Glass effects in Windows Vista.
  • Handy Contact List (Premium Feature in Trillian Astra)
  • Your contact list can float or be docked as a "sidebar", making it easy to access your contacts by moving your mouse to the side of the screen.
  • Integration with Notification Area
  • Notifiers appears near the clock on your Windows Taskbar, informing you of your newest tweets, latest chat messages, and more.
  • Drag and Drop across software
  • A simple drag and drop of files, text, or links allows you to easily share media from Windows Explorer and most major web browsers.

Download notes: Alternatively you can download the latest beta version of this software.

Facebook chat

A change on the Facebook side meant that international users suddenly started seeing junk characters in their chat messages instead of properly encoded characters.


With now supporting the popular IMAP protocol, Trillian's ability to monitor these email accounts has improved leaps and bounds. See your full mail preview, mark messages as spam, delete messages, etc. In addition, we've fixed bugs specific to Yahoo mail, improved our bandwidth consumption when dealing with large messages, and tweaked a few other mail-specific bugs as well.

In-house servers

As more and more of our customers adopt our Trillian Server in-house business solution, we're also making sure all of our client software can properly connect to an in-house server. Trillian 6 accomplishes this for the Windows side, making it possible to connect to servers with self-signed TLS certificates and more.

Message windows

A few long-standing bugs have been addressed, including a few very rare corner cases with message window flashing, improvements to group chat windows, fixes to spellcheck, and a few other great tweaks that long-time users will appreciate - including the removal of the tooltip in the edit area that annoyed so many of you!


Last but not least, our Twitter engine gets a few nice enhancements: see user displaynames and usernames in your stream, fixes for direct messaging, fixes for RTs being cut off, and more.

What's New

  • Voice: Fixed issue where call option was not showing within menus
  • Fixed: Contact List: Fixed issue where group chat creation did not show for some groups
  • Fixed: GIF: Searching for certain phrases could come up with stale results
  • Fixed: History: Fixed crash when right clicking with no images
  • Fixed: Languages: Added missing translated strings
  • Fixed: Media: Images not loading from certain directories
  • Fixed: Status: Changing case within status message does not set
  • Fixed: Status: No longer shows custom option if language pack does not support it