FreeSpell is a spell checker for any and all Windows applications. You can use it in Eudora, in Microsoft Outlook, Symantec Visual Cafe, and even in Windows Explorer when renaming files (though it's a little tricky to do that). Anything that supports the clipboard supports FreeSpell, and all it takes is a hotkey to invoke it. Just as important, FreeSpell is based upon the Aspell engine, which means it offers the best spell checker around for people with weak spelling skills (as well for people who just need a quick proofreader). Aspell is full featured as well, with a large default dictionary, and custom dictionary support.

Please note the name. This product is free. You and I deserve an easily accessible spellchecker for use with all applications, and that is why FreeSpell was written. This product will always be free - and that means no nags, commercials, or guilt trips. Spell checking should be built into the OS, and until it is, FreeSpell will provide it for you for free. The interface may not be the most pretty in the world, but the functionality is top notch.