Bring real-time data together from multiple sources, including Excel and Microsoft SQL Server, in one powerful diagram using vibrant graphics like icons and data bars. Manage processes with sub-processes and rules and logic validation to ensure accuracy and consistency across the organization. Create SharePoint workflows and export them to Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 for real-time execution and monitoring. Share refreshable, data-linked diagrams over the Web with anyone, even those who don't own Visio.

Dynamic, data-driven diagrams with real-time web-sharing Bring your diagrams to life with dynamic, data-driven visuals that are connected to real-time data and can be easily shared online with anyone.

Solution Scenario: Dynamic, data-driven diagrams in

  • Business Intelligence
  • IT Management & Security
  • Business & Technical Drawings

Product Value:

  • Deliver rich, visual dashboards across the organization using Microsoft® SharePoint® and Visio Services
  • Drill down with Pivot Diagrams to provide graphical BI analysis to Microsoft® Office Excel, Microsoft® Office Access, Microsoft® SQL Server, or any OLEDB/ODBC data source
  • Use a diverse set of specialized diagrams
  • Import, save, and work with CAD files