As it is impossible nowadays to protect data without a good antivirus and online backup program, ZenOK offers an Premium Antivirus Suite and 150 GB of online backup storage to be protected against blue screens, computer crashes and other vulnerabilities.

Features on the Free Version:

Antivirus with Antispyware

  • You can download, open and share files with absolute peace of mind.

System Check

  • Monitor your hard drive temperature, spin-up time, bad sectors, system and OS variables.

Paid Versions Offer:

  • Online File Storage (150GB)
    • Automatically safeguard important files in real-time to a secure online storage.
  • Data Recovery Service included ($2,000 value)
    • Computer crash? All recoveries are executed in a certified Class 100 Data Recovery Cleanroom.
  • Data Loss Risk Management and Warnings
    • Prevent is better than cure. Be warned by ZenOK when your data becomes at risk.
  • Data Loss Coverage (up to $100,000)
    • The most advanced Data Loss Protection with an outstanding guarantee.