Zemana AntiLogger has a new, powerful way to protect your PC from malware and keylogger attacks. We don't rely on anti-virus signature updates and file scanning in the way that traditional anti-virus programs work. Our unique technology detects malware running on your computer, and we shut it down - before it can steal your identity or hurt your computer. Zemana AntiLogger eliminates threats from keyloggers, SSL banker trojans, spyware, and more.

No other malware protection software can keep your banking and financial transactions as safe as Zemana AntiLogger can. Don't just take our word for it! Try our Simulation Test Programs for yourself and see just how safe your PC really is, and how much safer it could be with Zemana AntiLogger.

Zemana AntiLogger is high-performance security program that doesn't slow your computer down like those old-fashioned antivirus programs that rely on virus signature updates and file scanning in order to prevent malware attacks.

We designed Zemana AntiLogger for maximum compatibility. Extensive tests identify no significant conflicts with well-known security products. You can use Zemana AntiLogger seamlessly, as an important extra layer of security, in harmony with almost any antimalware, antivirus or firewall software product. Click here to for full compatibility details for Zemana AntiLogger.


  • Do your online banking with peace of mind
  • Increase your PC protection
  • Defend against hackers
  • Protect against keyloggers
  • Guard against screen grabbers
  • Surf anywhere and download anything—worry free


  • Direct Download and External Mirror point to the shareware version (1.9) of Zemana
  • Freeware version is 1.8, which obviously is not the latest and may lack features/improvements

What's New:

  • Starting from today the keystroke encryption is enabled on all supported operation systems. Now AntiLogger Pro automatically uninstall the free version.
  • SSL Intrusion Prevention module dramatically improved.
  • This version introduces new version of KeyCrypt SDK ( which brings major improvements.
  • Italian language file updated (Thanks to Emiliano)
  • Other minor improvements and fixes